Friday, December 31, 2010

ArtFire and misc

Dec NC snowstorm

Haven't much to show for myself. Been suffering with misc rashes and doped on Benedryl.  Plan to weave a little today despite it! We are in a winter wonder? land?  It is 52 and sunny today so it shouldn't  be around too much longer.
 Well I took the jump and went Pro in ArtFire. They had a promotion and it was higher than the last deal but I thought I'd better do it before it goes up anymore. Did a collection called Warm and Wooly that got high marks and I've already been in Handmade news. Have to keep promotion up so that I get some visits.
Off to weave!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas will soon be here

These Christmas stockings in Overshot are still available in my ArtFire shop.

Or for the Wine lovers out there. These padded wine totes woven in Bedford cord
 in White and black or purple and turquoise. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Polar bear project done!

As much as I tried they didn't come out at all the same they are all individual bears! Which is good they don't go in groups in nature only to raise baby polar bears then it is just mom and baby.They were interesting to make. If I were to make more of these critters or others in the book I would use velveteen for the feet and ears.The leather was difficult to work with on a sewing machine or by hand. And I would use a larger size chenille even doubled this was a bit on the skinny side but I got it for a dollar a pound so I can't complain. On to spinning fiber for the next project.  I am glad I had a rug loom to weave this on it really needed the heavy beat.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Polar bear construction, sewing fun

First Polar Bear!
I've been sewing! The first one resembles a polar bear! lol. I'm sure they will all have their own personalities. The fabric was woven over the summer on my rug loom as it needed a heavy beat to weave. The most fun part is attaching the leather feet and ears! The construction was like a puzzle to figure out. The last two bears are put together better than the first. Now to finish sewing the feet, stuffing and embroidering the faces.

This is the sewing machine raiser my DH, sweetie that he is, made. It sits on an old antique school sewing desk. That our late friend Pee Wee LaRue had and gave to us.  An OT suggested it to decrease my neck and back pain. It works great! Another great tool I found is to cut that clear tubing they have a Lowes or Home Depot, put a slit in the cut piece and it fits around your sewing bobbins. It keeps those ends from tangling with all the others and becoming a mess. Are those threads trying to mate or what??

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Percolated art work

Took a Surface Design Class back in 2008. Had some subtly designed fabric from wallyworld, that I dyed using  stamps and silk screening. I took the darkest dyed piece, probably the first and used that as the center. Then cut all the rest in four,  to piece around it. Now the fun starts, I need to go thru my beads and threads and find what I can use. Found three embroidery threads that work well with it. The class was with Suzanne Gernandt and it was wonderfully freeing. I would definitely recommend her classes.

Funny how art works sometimes, it has to simmer or percolate for awhile. I've been thinking about this since I made the cloth but loved them and didn't want to cut them in 2008. Then they were lost up north for awhile and since I found them this summer I couldn't wait to cut and piece them

This one I did in 2008 in class; there is stitching, rust dye, stamps, painted dye and  hand embroidery on it. Both of these were just junk pieces of material. I found the above at Habitat for Humanity in Asheville it is upholstery fabric. I used junk material because I had no idea how any of this would turn out. I had done a color wheel warp quite awhile ago and found purple and orange were an interesting combination. The piece that I will be working on next is purple, yellow, orange and some red tinges. Guess is was a phase I was going thru!   This one I can take my time on and really embellish to my hearts content! The next piece is cotton material and will be easier to work on besides.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Powerless sewing

I am not much of a seamstress I will admit it. I would almost rather do any other weaving function than finish or sew my handwoven. Was hoping that lessons at college would help but instead it just reinforced the fact that I don't like to sew. Even with a good machine, We bought a baby lock sewing machine when our first one died after DH made tents on it.  Sewing today and yesterday on the place mats that I wove over the summer. Thank goodness tomorrow I can return to the loom or the warping mill.
     Purchased two neat books.  The first is called Devore by Anne Fields. Just what I wanted, I get the concept but just needed more information pertaining to weaving fabric that you burn or Devour with chemicals! Looking forward to trying it when I am able to get the chemicals.   The second is a monograph by Robyn Spady on Handwoven Decorative Trim. There was an article in handwoven years ago on Passementerie trims that fascinated me and this looks so interesting! This one I can start right away as I have the warp and some cords that I can use and a naked loom.
       I have a new weaving helper named Lovey, she is a calico about 8 months old. Into everything!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yarn, Thread, whatever

Bringing back to NC  a couple of yummy yarns. A nice blue mercerized cotton, a puke green I needed for another zoo animal and all the zoo "polar Bear" yarns. Also some polar bear fabric, table runner fabric and two rugs .  Productive summer!  Now to start sewing, The polar bear will be a real challenge to sew for me anyway! The place mats will be easy in comparison.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

Been in the 60s for about a week now. Time to move south again! I was hoping to get my white fuzzy material finished for the polar bear not sure now if I will have time. Had grandchildren this weekend so no time for weaving there.... I need to get on a better weaving schedule. Have decreased my Facebook time but seems like something else always comes up to delay or postpone my time at the looms. Did find some nice shiny blue yarn for some scarves I have on the loom down south that combined with some shinny thread will work nicely for that project. They are deflected double weave scarves in purples and blues.Two looms are naked oh no! The Norwood up here is going to stay that way until next summer, thought it was moving south but there won't be any room for it. The baby wolf is going to get warped when I return south maybe more scarves??

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I will wear purple and weave!

Love this quote from Handwoven Weaving Today "... One older woman came up, with aid of her walker, and watched us intently. I asked, "Do you weave?" She answered, "Till the day I die." None of us could have said it better." that will be me with the walker!  Bought my Dobby loom in anticipation so I won't have to crawl under the loom to tie up treadles.

Grandkids were here over the week end. Allie needed to sit with me while I wove and pull the beater back. Both girls are interested in weaving, guess it skipped a generation. This warp is finicky or I would have let her do more, With my jerry Rigged system on it. It helped a lot to have her help, I could go to the back of the loom when she pulled the beater back and added a metal bar for weight and the selvedges are much better. Then we had the youngest grand child for a night and day, he was really good without the others influence I guess.

Not sure if I can get this warp woven off before we leave for NC. There is no room in the van for the loom I know this. Oh well. One poor offer on the house. Will have to try again next summer. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jerry rigged weaving again.. or is that Lois Rigged?

Darn got all done winding, threading, sleying the loom, many inches woven and found that a bout of warp had fallen off the warping board I had them hanging on.. Was wondering why it turned out to be only 15 inches wide when I'd planned for 17 inches. I sleyed then threaded, front to back and wound it on toilet paper tubes Thank goodness i'ts only 3 yards or I would haven't tried it. Put the tubes on the spool rack with weights and finally large hair clips In the front I wove a dowel stick in to tie the warp on..So far so good the selvedge on the right is a bit wonky but that will be cut off anyway when I make the polar bear. Picture is before! I think the camera is going to be put away until it is off the loom. lol.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rug finished!

I like the colors on this rug. Made a happy accident at the end and just left it in. Next rug I may use the accident for designing.... Have completed a lot of weaving this summer. The place mats and now the rug. Next is a warp in white for material for a polar bear pattern is from a neat little book called: " Weaving a Zoo" by Amy Preckshot. It needs a heavy beat so the Glimakra will be perfect for the project. Warp is wound just need to wind on, thread and sley. So muggy here.. Have another open house on Friday so much of my time will be taken up with cleaning again.  If I could just spend more time weaving and less on this computer?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Weaving progress

Place mat warp is all done. Can't finish them until I get back down south. So sad, lol not. When I put the white in the warp I was wondering what would happen with it when it got woven. The first samples were not good, white was in there too much so I resleyed a total of three times ended up with the version above. With these summer and winter texture patterns it peeks out and turned out really cool.

Back at work on the rug, it is at the end where I had to add on warp, ends broken and the tension is wacky in places oh well more than half finished. Then on to weave polar bear fabric.....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Disgusted with Walmart's purchasing policies

Went to our local Walmart yesterday. No Peaches and cream only the Lily brand from Canada. When I asked the women that worked in the department they said "Oh they changed brands" I said "This from a company that brags they only sell from the USA" One of the salespersons made a face and shook her head at me. This store still has it's fabric section which is a surprise to me because in NC they are all gone.I just emailed Walmart to protest you can see it below. If I don't start hearing from other crafters that they have changed I will quit shopping there. In NC they sold Sewing machines for 2 months with no thread in the store, it had moved and the Fabric section was gone.

This USA brand from NC is no longer being carried in my store and Others I have heard. You brag that you sell from USA but you must have got a better deal from Canada and Lilly brand yarn. Between this and your discontinuance of Fabric at almost all of your stores, I may no long shop at your stores. Unless I start to hear better things from other crafts people.
------------------------------------------ end Rant.
Sorry was just so disgusted when I left yesterday I still have a bad taste in my mouth. No disrespect to Lily Co. Just Walmart. I was a fairly loyal customer even with the fabric removal, No longer.
                Lois aka Fibernut

Monday, July 5, 2010

Weaving progress

The colors didn't photograph very well. Having a lot of fun with this summer and winter 4 shaft 4 blocks from Donna Sullivan's book.

Color is a wee bit better in this one. this is a texture weave in the book. The yarn for weft is Red heart worsted weight warp is a 5/2 from NC.
Rug hasn't progressed much too much cleaning and going through junk. Selling a house is not fun!

Knitted Dishcloths

Actually have had time to weave and knit some. The weaving isn't quite photo ready, not off the loom yet. But I have been knitting some dishcloths one is from last summer, the others this summer.

This one I finished in June 2010

Last years cloth 2009

Finished late June 2010

I use a knitting pattern book and put a border around them. I like to use fancy stitches that I haven't done before. I'd like to do the flower like pattern with a green back round sometime it would be pretty in that also.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stand still

Weaving and crafts are at a stand still. Cleaning and de-Junking to try and sell the house again.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Old but now finished projects.

Three finished scarves! The ones above are in log cabin weave and variations. With cotton warp and cotton and chenille weft, so soft.


This was an experimental felting project, the ends just never worked right. Finally came up with an idea to edge  it with beads! Very happy with the  results.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not UFO's finished towels!

This towel was done using Alice Schlein's new book "The Liftplan Connection" it's my favorite of the two I wove using that method.  The 2nd picture is the front and back it was hard to decide which to use they were both kinda kewl!

This is Spiderballons I left the Warpology weaving on it so I could remember what not to do! lol

These are my Plaited twill designed towel from Bonnie Inouye's book "Exploring Multishaft Design"  didn't realize as I was weaving that the warp floats on the front would be weft floats on the back, Should make a very absorbent towel. The last pictures are from the same book, my designs. Actually it was the first towel woven! It's another plaited twill. I used this book in the past and the weaving was done as samples this time I wanted something to show for all that weaving and I need new towels!

 The picture below shows the back and front of the Towel again very hard to decide which side was best asked my husband and he couldn't decide either! 

This blog worked it got me inspired to start weaving and beading again. Two beading projects are also in the works. We have only one more month to go here in NC and I can't decide if I want to start another project on the loom or not. Get started then have to leave it to go back up north again. Pray the house sells!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weaving, beading and creating more UFO's

I'm not sure why I never thought to use the small zip drive on the computer that drives my loom. It worked! I really thought that computer was shot but the zip program came up with no problem! So I am weaving the last towel with a pattern I did from "The Lift plan Connection." This one uses overlay's in photo shop. It is turning out really sharp looking and will post pictures when it is off the loom.

Started working on  my beaded watch and beaded bag they should be great to work on in the evenings. The watch is sort of Art Deco style. The bag is going to be in my favorite color purples.. I know better than to start two at a time but I've been putting it off all winter. I am unable to bead for long periods or knit with such fine weapon needles so I guess that is my rationalizations... The needles are 0000 size very fine. UFOs here I come.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Use two of these to wind my pirns for the end feed shuttles. One on my index finger and one on my thumb. That way I can wind them tight and not burn my fingers off!
Weaving is progressing I got the first design from the "Lift plan Connection" completed now I am going back to the computer and design my last one.This one was using the balloons they put on picture with saying in for photos, then I added legs and turned them into spiders. lol.It's done in basket weave and plain weave. Wish I had a longer warp but I was afraid I wouldn't have enough of the dark turquoise to complete the towels. I think the next will be more of a blue color way or weave more like the material that I wove my shawls except scarves. hmm must ponder on that one.....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Weaving, computer rant.

Life like weaving doesn't always go as planned. The Warpology weaving turned out weird, larger letters? finer thread? don't know. But I kind of like the above design. It was those balloons used for photo's so you can put little conversations in the photo but It needed something so I turned them into spiders it is woven in basket weave for the spiders and plain weave for the back round. Kind of abstract. Next design I am going to try for larger objects and I want to try photos.
   Right now I copy a CD on my lap top transfer it to our desktop to burn a small floppy. The Cd's aren't the same. Tried a transfer cable and took it back to the store three times for a total of 55+ miles. It finally worked but incredibly slow and wouldn't just transfer my small file, wanted to transfer the whole program. Gerrrrr
Now what? buy a external small floppy or throw in the towel and do it like I have been doing?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Towel weaving etc


This Blog is working I'm finally weaving again.  This is the second of my designs of plaited twill and you can see the program that drives my loom to the right in the picture. This is a neat design I used a bumpy  yarn ( spell check didn't like my other word) For weft and can't wait to see it washed and see what it does! The program selects the shafts to lift. I do all the rest, fill out the draft in the weave program, throw the shuttle, put the warp on the loom and thread it! So yes it is still hand weaving.  I think the most user intense weaving I have ever worked on was a Jacquard loom. Once it starts running it is easy it's all the work before hand and trouble shooting during the run. That was at the Oriole mill in Hendersonville NC for school. I decided quickly that a Dobby loom like this one in the picture is enough for me! I like treadling and throwing a shuttle. 'Course a good working fly shuttle would be nice. This loom is just not wide enough to require one, I have one and promptly removed it.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Plaited Twill

Plaited Twill
This is my first braided twill or plaited twill design. I'm using Bonnie Inouye's book. and have two done.
One of my shaft is sticking! It's driving me nuts. These towels are for me but I don't like mistakes. Shaft #11 Behave!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sley and not the ride on kind!

Done sleying had it almost done yesterday but it was supper time and decided to finish this am. Used my favorite tool a walking(reed hopper) sley hook. It is so kewl, since I use Bifocals sleying the reed got to be a chore, not anymore! Once you get used to it,   can fall apart if not handled right, what a marvelous gadget. Believe it or not I found it at a garage sale of a long time weaver, the family didn't know what it was and I grabbed it! Amazing really I can't even explain how it works. I'll tie on and do some plain weave then it's to the PCW ( fiberworks)program to plan my first towel using Bonnie's book. It has my loom driver so that's what I use. I took a workshop from one of the authors a long while ago and loved her so it was my first choice in programs.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Towel project

Threading is done now this picture is at the halfway mark. I'm warping up my Megado computerized Dobby loom then I'm planning to use Bonnie Inouye's book "Exploring Multishaft Design " with each towel a different design.Should be fun. I've done chapter one before and dipped into some of the others. So the first design will be out of chapter 2, Plaited twill's. Next is Curves then designing in the lift plan. On my wish list is Alice Schlein's new book designing with dobby and photo shop can't remember the correct title right now.. She is coming to Asheville Next month so I'll buy it and have her sign it then. Can't wait, I learned Photoshop elements in school That will tie in with Bonnie's book real well too.Will check to see if there is a weave along on weavolution for her book that would be kewl... I had hoped this blog would get me re motivated and I think it has worked. I'm getting excited about weaving something again. Sometime inspiration and motivation goes when you are ill. That sinus mess I had sure slowed me down.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sectional beam, another photo

Here is the clamped down version of my warping method, the Lease sticks could just be tied on but I have a handy husband! Now to thread. If I would just get off the computer!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Winding on Warp, cat help

This is my latest sectional warping method without the bobbins and sectional rack. I wind it on a Warping mill then transfer it and beam it on the back beam. For fine threads back to front has a lot less tangles and I use small  bouts.  A picture of my helper cat too. He likes to get up there and knock off everything that is up there you should see my floor! He also likes to sit on the Dobby box and look out the window.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I have another blog but it is very miscellaneous called Fibernut's place.This one will be just finished items, woven beaded, tatting or whatever project I have finished.  Maybe this will motivate me! LOL need that since face book addiction started.