Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not UFO's finished towels!

This towel was done using Alice Schlein's new book "The Liftplan Connection" it's my favorite of the two I wove using that method.  The 2nd picture is the front and back it was hard to decide which to use they were both kinda kewl!

This is Spiderballons I left the Warpology weaving on it so I could remember what not to do! lol

These are my Plaited twill designed towel from Bonnie Inouye's book "Exploring Multishaft Design"  didn't realize as I was weaving that the warp floats on the front would be weft floats on the back, Should make a very absorbent towel. The last pictures are from the same book, my designs. Actually it was the first towel woven! It's another plaited twill. I used this book in the past and the weaving was done as samples this time I wanted something to show for all that weaving and I need new towels!

 The picture below shows the back and front of the Towel again very hard to decide which side was best asked my husband and he couldn't decide either! 

This blog worked it got me inspired to start weaving and beading again. Two beading projects are also in the works. We have only one more month to go here in NC and I can't decide if I want to start another project on the loom or not. Get started then have to leave it to go back up north again. Pray the house sells!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weaving, beading and creating more UFO's

I'm not sure why I never thought to use the small zip drive on the computer that drives my loom. It worked! I really thought that computer was shot but the zip program came up with no problem! So I am weaving the last towel with a pattern I did from "The Lift plan Connection." This one uses overlay's in photo shop. It is turning out really sharp looking and will post pictures when it is off the loom.

Started working on  my beaded watch and beaded bag they should be great to work on in the evenings. The watch is sort of Art Deco style. The bag is going to be in my favorite color purples.. I know better than to start two at a time but I've been putting it off all winter. I am unable to bead for long periods or knit with such fine weapon needles so I guess that is my rationalizations... The needles are 0000 size very fine. UFOs here I come.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Use two of these to wind my pirns for the end feed shuttles. One on my index finger and one on my thumb. That way I can wind them tight and not burn my fingers off!
Weaving is progressing I got the first design from the "Lift plan Connection" completed now I am going back to the computer and design my last one.This one was using the balloons they put on picture with saying in for photos, then I added legs and turned them into spiders. lol.It's done in basket weave and plain weave. Wish I had a longer warp but I was afraid I wouldn't have enough of the dark turquoise to complete the towels. I think the next will be more of a blue color way or weave more like the material that I wove my shawls except scarves. hmm must ponder on that one.....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Weaving, computer rant.

Life like weaving doesn't always go as planned. The Warpology weaving turned out weird, larger letters? finer thread? don't know. But I kind of like the above design. It was those balloons used for photo's so you can put little conversations in the photo but It needed something so I turned them into spiders it is woven in basket weave for the spiders and plain weave for the back round. Kind of abstract. Next design I am going to try for larger objects and I want to try photos.
   Right now I copy a CD on my lap top transfer it to our desktop to burn a small floppy. The Cd's aren't the same. Tried a transfer cable and took it back to the store three times for a total of 55+ miles. It finally worked but incredibly slow and wouldn't just transfer my small file, wanted to transfer the whole program. Gerrrrr
Now what? buy a external small floppy or throw in the towel and do it like I have been doing?