Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Powerless sewing

I am not much of a seamstress I will admit it. I would almost rather do any other weaving function than finish or sew my handwoven. Was hoping that lessons at college would help but instead it just reinforced the fact that I don't like to sew. Even with a good machine, We bought a baby lock sewing machine when our first one died after DH made tents on it.  Sewing today and yesterday on the place mats that I wove over the summer. Thank goodness tomorrow I can return to the loom or the warping mill.
     Purchased two neat books.  The first is called Devore by Anne Fields. Just what I wanted, I get the concept but just needed more information pertaining to weaving fabric that you burn or Devour with chemicals! Looking forward to trying it when I am able to get the chemicals.   The second is a monograph by Robyn Spady on Handwoven Decorative Trim. There was an article in handwoven years ago on Passementerie trims that fascinated me and this looks so interesting! This one I can start right away as I have the warp and some cords that I can use and a naked loom.
       I have a new weaving helper named Lovey, she is a calico about 8 months old. Into everything!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yarn, Thread, whatever

Bringing back to NC  a couple of yummy yarns. A nice blue mercerized cotton, a puke green I needed for another zoo animal and all the zoo "polar Bear" yarns. Also some polar bear fabric, table runner fabric and two rugs .  Productive summer!  Now to start sewing, The polar bear will be a real challenge to sew for me anyway! The place mats will be easy in comparison.