Monday, April 23, 2012

2nd and 3rd lace/ pole dyed scarves

Here are the other two scarves that I've finished using the lace pattern from Weaver's Magazine summer of 1996 (Oh how I miss weaver's)  Issue 32 Found Treasure. Once they were woven separated and zigzagged, I attached them to a pole (with tape) then wrapped carpet warp( it turned out to be kite string lol), Scrunched them down, then poured dye over them. The yellow and green and blue scarves I poured the sabracet dye and batched them over night.  The purple logwood (Natural extract) one was set with heat.  I tried using rubber bands but they didn't really work very well I think due to the bulk of the material. The yellow and green was dyed and pole wrapped twice because the first time it was all yellow. I love how the blue turned into green but left patches of blue on the scarf. With the left over yellow dye I dyed one of my husbands old shirts that had some spots on it. It was made with polyester and cotton, the figures dyed darker than it originally was and my husband really likes it!

These two were dyed using Logwood extract. I didn't leave these in as long as recommended because I like the color where it was!  I also dyed some wool some with the shorter dye bath and some overnight. The overnight turned very dark purple. I've used the same heavy duty blue gloves for four years the logwood became permanent where all the other dyes didn't.  Even when the wool was rinsed till clear it left purple halos on my drying  frames. Really different than I expected.