Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The other kind of Sheds

In this case it is a storage shed, now my studio. Finished painting, putting lower white peg board, and trim. Looking good. Now to some way cover over the hot pink insulation. I don't want to paint it, to high and I want it only to have a thin cover over the insulation. Went to Lowe's a couple of times trying to figure out what I could do, Talked with one of their workers whose mother was a weaver!
We priced out carpet too expensive, then she had the suggestion plastic which I already had thought about but black or clear? no.  I had wanted foam but I can't find it anywhere that thin.  Then it dawned on me Cheap shower curtains in different colors! cut to size and stapled. The $ store only had white, off white and blue. So I got blue and white. I will post pictures when all moved in. Can't wait!  All my books are moved, soon cones and other misc. I have three looms, a sewing area and a dyeing area! Exciting.