Monday, July 5, 2010

Weaving progress

The colors didn't photograph very well. Having a lot of fun with this summer and winter 4 shaft 4 blocks from Donna Sullivan's book.

Color is a wee bit better in this one. this is a texture weave in the book. The yarn for weft is Red heart worsted weight warp is a 5/2 from NC.
Rug hasn't progressed much too much cleaning and going through junk. Selling a house is not fun!

Knitted Dishcloths

Actually have had time to weave and knit some. The weaving isn't quite photo ready, not off the loom yet. But I have been knitting some dishcloths one is from last summer, the others this summer.

This one I finished in June 2010

Last years cloth 2009

Finished late June 2010

I use a knitting pattern book and put a border around them. I like to use fancy stitches that I haven't done before. I'd like to do the flower like pattern with a green back round sometime it would be pretty in that also.