Friday, July 23, 2010

Disgusted with Walmart's purchasing policies

Went to our local Walmart yesterday. No Peaches and cream only the Lily brand from Canada. When I asked the women that worked in the department they said "Oh they changed brands" I said "This from a company that brags they only sell from the USA" One of the salespersons made a face and shook her head at me. This store still has it's fabric section which is a surprise to me because in NC they are all gone.I just emailed Walmart to protest you can see it below. If I don't start hearing from other crafters that they have changed I will quit shopping there. In NC they sold Sewing machines for 2 months with no thread in the store, it had moved and the Fabric section was gone.

This USA brand from NC is no longer being carried in my store and Others I have heard. You brag that you sell from USA but you must have got a better deal from Canada and Lilly brand yarn. Between this and your discontinuance of Fabric at almost all of your stores, I may no long shop at your stores. Unless I start to hear better things from other crafts people.
------------------------------------------ end Rant.
Sorry was just so disgusted when I left yesterday I still have a bad taste in my mouth. No disrespect to Lily Co. Just Walmart. I was a fairly loyal customer even with the fabric removal, No longer.
                Lois aka Fibernut