Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Studio of the month by default

I waited until the middle of the month for a volunteer so by default it is my studio. LOL.  Been busy beading.Can't see setting up the loom for two weeks and leaving the warp on all winter.

My left foot and part of my leg went numb the other day after 2 slow dances with my sweetie. That two step is a killer on my back I guess. It eased off for a bit but is back in full force today. Can't take my Arthritis meds cause it messes with my stomach. Ah well continuing saga of my crappy health. I know, play a violin in the background.

I'm kind of excited, bought a cheap ($50grand total) Apple computer a real oldie so that I can play with the JacqCad free program that is available. Won the ebay bid and got a great deal!  http://www.jacqcad.com/ is the site. I took a course in college from Catherine Ellis using this program but got bronchitis and was ill for four weeks of the class. I would love to finish something and go to the Oriole mill and weave it.