Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Weaving Studio At Last!

This is the right side facing the door. Sewing machine, baby wolf loom, Drum Carder and microwave for dyeing.

Right side facing back of studio. Three windows across the back room for my Glimakra Ideal and the AVL. Yarn storage at the end.

Yarn is almost all put away, have some up north still that will move in later. The Shower curtains are the blue and white over top of the storage cubes. They were all hot pink like in the first picture. We plan on enclosing the door and back of the room after DH has run electricity to his workshop, next door to me.
   We went to a small town near us and found a pretty gift store going out of business. I found a rack for my mug rugs and went back a couple of days later and bought a bracelet rack. All made of wire, dh had a point: me and plastic don't mix to well. It was nice looking but would have broken in a minute with me...
    I've been working on the Baby Wolf loom lately weaving lace for scarves. Less energy and stress on the old bod, getting very close to being recovered from the back surgery.