Friday, December 31, 2010

ArtFire and misc

Dec NC snowstorm

Haven't much to show for myself. Been suffering with misc rashes and doped on Benedryl.  Plan to weave a little today despite it! We are in a winter wonder? land?  It is 52 and sunny today so it shouldn't  be around too much longer.
 Well I took the jump and went Pro in ArtFire. They had a promotion and it was higher than the last deal but I thought I'd better do it before it goes up anymore. Did a collection called Warm and Wooly that got high marks and I've already been in Handmade news. Have to keep promotion up so that I get some visits.
Off to weave!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas will soon be here

These Christmas stockings in Overshot are still available in my ArtFire shop.

Or for the Wine lovers out there. These padded wine totes woven in Bedford cord
 in White and black or purple and turquoise. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Polar bear project done!

As much as I tried they didn't come out at all the same they are all individual bears! Which is good they don't go in groups in nature only to raise baby polar bears then it is just mom and baby.They were interesting to make. If I were to make more of these critters or others in the book I would use velveteen for the feet and ears.The leather was difficult to work with on a sewing machine or by hand. And I would use a larger size chenille even doubled this was a bit on the skinny side but I got it for a dollar a pound so I can't complain. On to spinning fiber for the next project.  I am glad I had a rug loom to weave this on it really needed the heavy beat.