Friday, March 12, 2010

Weaving, computer rant.

Life like weaving doesn't always go as planned. The Warpology weaving turned out weird, larger letters? finer thread? don't know. But I kind of like the above design. It was those balloons used for photo's so you can put little conversations in the photo but It needed something so I turned them into spiders it is woven in basket weave for the spiders and plain weave for the back round. Kind of abstract. Next design I am going to try for larger objects and I want to try photos.
   Right now I copy a CD on my lap top transfer it to our desktop to burn a small floppy. The Cd's aren't the same. Tried a transfer cable and took it back to the store three times for a total of 55+ miles. It finally worked but incredibly slow and wouldn't just transfer my small file, wanted to transfer the whole program. Gerrrrr
Now what? buy a external small floppy or throw in the towel and do it like I have been doing?