Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Towel weaving etc


This Blog is working I'm finally weaving again.  This is the second of my designs of plaited twill and you can see the program that drives my loom to the right in the picture. This is a neat design I used a bumpy  yarn ( spell check didn't like my other word) For weft and can't wait to see it washed and see what it does! The program selects the shafts to lift. I do all the rest, fill out the draft in the weave program, throw the shuttle, put the warp on the loom and thread it! So yes it is still hand weaving.  I think the most user intense weaving I have ever worked on was a Jacquard loom. Once it starts running it is easy it's all the work before hand and trouble shooting during the run. That was at the Oriole mill in Hendersonville NC for school. I decided quickly that a Dobby loom like this one in the picture is enough for me! I like treadling and throwing a shuttle. 'Course a good working fly shuttle would be nice. This loom is just not wide enough to require one, I have one and promptly removed it.