Saturday, February 6, 2010

Towel project

Threading is done now this picture is at the halfway mark. I'm warping up my Megado computerized Dobby loom then I'm planning to use Bonnie Inouye's book "Exploring Multishaft Design " with each towel a different design.Should be fun. I've done chapter one before and dipped into some of the others. So the first design will be out of chapter 2, Plaited twill's. Next is Curves then designing in the lift plan. On my wish list is Alice Schlein's new book designing with dobby and photo shop can't remember the correct title right now.. She is coming to Asheville Next month so I'll buy it and have her sign it then. Can't wait, I learned Photoshop elements in school That will tie in with Bonnie's book real well too.Will check to see if there is a weave along on weavolution for her book that would be kewl... I had hoped this blog would get me re motivated and I think it has worked. I'm getting excited about weaving something again. Sometime inspiration and motivation goes when you are ill. That sinus mess I had sure slowed me down.