Thursday, February 3, 2011

Towels color or off white?

Designing an unusual honeycomb pattern for towels and can't make up my mind should I use White fine with Off white for the heavy? or I have purple fine and pink heavy. It looks like;  one heavy  to every 4-6 fine. I've done this pattern before for some towels for myself and loved them at the time I did all white with colored weft. Must have run out of the fine heavier thread. Decisions, Decisions. I think I'll do a short warp of the colored then tie on the white off white. Hunted forever for this pattern, thought it was in handwoven turned out to be in an old Weaver's magazine. God how I miss that magazine. It was great! more advanced weaving than handwoven. Stopped getting that one two or three years ago it was the same stuff repeated over and over. This is an old piece of the material, not a great photo but these towels were used and abused.