Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

Been in the 60s for about a week now. Time to move south again! I was hoping to get my white fuzzy material finished for the polar bear not sure now if I will have time. Had grandchildren this weekend so no time for weaving there.... I need to get on a better weaving schedule. Have decreased my Facebook time but seems like something else always comes up to delay or postpone my time at the looms. Did find some nice shiny blue yarn for some scarves I have on the loom down south that combined with some shinny thread will work nicely for that project. They are deflected double weave scarves in purples and blues.Two looms are naked oh no! The Norwood up here is going to stay that way until next summer, thought it was moving south but there won't be any room for it. The baby wolf is going to get warped when I return south maybe more scarves??