Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New One of a Kind Items in my Studio
Large Variety of Mug Rugs or coaster's now in my studio

You can buy one bear or all three Polar Bears.

New Bracelets, above and below. I can make any of my bracelets custom order too!

 Click on the picture for more pictures of the items. Photographing took a bit especially with a broken tripod. I used older ones in school and didn't know there was a lock on the crank and broke the crank! ah well sounds like me a bit  of a Klutz.
    Danced two slow dances with my sweetie and now my left foot is numb. Guess that is all it takes sometimes. I have spinal stenosis so I suppose it has something to do with that. Dr appointment on Friday:(

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New photos, old finished Mohair shawl

Of course one cat had to get in the act. The one of him yawning with boredom was too fuzzy to He's my four year old studio assistant. For attention he does somersaults.

This is a hand spun mohair/ wool shawl that is woven in a V. One yard is woven with a yard of unwoven warp cut off. The warp is advanced another yard woven. Using the warp threads from the first yard as weft the two are woven together creating that V of fringe in the back! It is wonderfully cozy!

Loved spinning this mohair it was in a stash that a woman was getting rid of she had gone into basket weaving.Went there to get some fiber and ended up with a car Load!