Sunday, September 30, 2012

Computer woes and new to me loom

Finally felt up to weaving on the AVL. Bought the correct part so the Fly shuttle should work. Went to flip the old computer dedicated to that loom and Nada. It was unplugged from the end of Nov. until now, so it wasn't a power surge. 

Off center for the fly shuttle

Plan B get it working with my notebook. Right. Computer not talking to my loom, turned out there was something wrong with the cable. Go to set it up again, no luck. Note enough USB ports. Tried everything got it working but then my regular computer was acting weird, probably some fix I tried and failed. Had to put the computer back to the time when it worked correctly. Tried the Weaving Program again nope too many USB connections not talking again. Pulling hair out again!!

Went through the process again and it failed again. Emailed the Weaving program people they had another suggestion. nothing.  Shut it off in disgust. I needed Downtime.

Turned it on this morning and low and behold there is a port available for the loom that wasn't there when I shut it off. Bizarre but ok!  So today I'll try the AVL again and see what happens. Unless the port disappears again. Computers Love them but sometimes I don't want to live with them!!!

40" 8 Shaft Norwood.

Got the new to me Norwood 8 shaft all warped and am weaving a simple scarf in Dimity a structure I have never woven before. Looks good now that I took the blue off the edges! Semi followed a pattern in Handwoven that had a darker edge, ok when you are using that color as weft but I'm not. She is now all oiled up and a real beauty! I love the Cherry on the older Norwoods. It was looked brand new, my husband started taking it apart to get it in the van before I even said anything about buying it. He knew!

This is the Dimity it looks like plain weave but the darker colored stripes are twill. You can see the blue I cut off at the edges. I'll probably use that the hem area. I wanted to do something relatively simple for it's first warp on all 8 shafts. Ha, best laid plans. Had to tie it up about three times. It only uses four treadles so duh they needed to be centered in a bigger loom like this one. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Busy, warping, planning and de-cluttering

Been busy organizing the studio. Brought back a bin of yarn and had to de-clutter in there. Dh thinks all stuff can go there, lol, Not.

Winding a warp for the new to me 8 shaft Norwood. Dimity, a weave I've never explored.

 Found a beautiful lace hearts draft for the Megado. The Megado is sitting naked in it's lonely room. I took a dog off that loom. The warp just became too frustrating to weave. I used this extremely fine variegated yarn and it seemed to stretch the further I went with it! I'm not sure if I'll dye that one or weave with color. I think it is going to be white and then dyed/ surface designed.

The Blue Ridge Fiber Show is going to open at the beginning of October I have two scarves in it for the first time in four years. With back surgery etc I am surprised I even got that done! I entered these two. The blue  scarf picture isn't hemmed but it is now! It is a lace weave and then Pole dyed. The blue one was woven with a more random treadling but the logwood one is done exactly as drawn in. The lace with honeycomb and  is called Treasure lace.