Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jerry rigged weaving again.. or is that Lois Rigged?

Darn got all done winding, threading, sleying the loom, many inches woven and found that a bout of warp had fallen off the warping board I had them hanging on.. Was wondering why it turned out to be only 15 inches wide when I'd planned for 17 inches. I sleyed then threaded, front to back and wound it on toilet paper tubes Thank goodness i'ts only 3 yards or I would haven't tried it. Put the tubes on the spool rack with weights and finally large hair clips In the front I wove a dowel stick in to tie the warp on..So far so good the selvedge on the right is a bit wonky but that will be cut off anyway when I make the polar bear. Picture is before! I think the camera is going to be put away until it is off the loom. lol.