Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Use two of these to wind my pirns for the end feed shuttles. One on my index finger and one on my thumb. That way I can wind them tight and not burn my fingers off!
Weaving is progressing I got the first design from the "Lift plan Connection" completed now I am going back to the computer and design my last one.This one was using the balloons they put on picture with saying in for photos, then I added legs and turned them into spiders. lol.It's done in basket weave and plain weave. Wish I had a longer warp but I was afraid I wouldn't have enough of the dark turquoise to complete the towels. I think the next will be more of a blue color way or weave more like the material that I wove my shawls except scarves. hmm must ponder on that one.....

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