Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I will wear purple and weave!

Love this quote from Handwoven Weaving Today "... One older woman came up, with aid of her walker, and watched us intently. I asked, "Do you weave?" She answered, "Till the day I die." None of us could have said it better." that will be me with the walker!  Bought my Dobby loom in anticipation so I won't have to crawl under the loom to tie up treadles.

Grandkids were here over the week end. Allie needed to sit with me while I wove and pull the beater back. Both girls are interested in weaving, guess it skipped a generation. This warp is finicky or I would have let her do more, With my jerry Rigged system on it. It helped a lot to have her help, I could go to the back of the loom when she pulled the beater back and added a metal bar for weight and the selvedges are much better. Then we had the youngest grand child for a night and day, he was really good without the others influence I guess.

Not sure if I can get this warp woven off before we leave for NC. There is no room in the van for the loom I know this. Oh well. One poor offer on the house. Will have to try again next summer. 

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