Monday, February 8, 2010

Sley and not the ride on kind!

Done sleying had it almost done yesterday but it was supper time and decided to finish this am. Used my favorite tool a walking(reed hopper) sley hook. It is so kewl, since I use Bifocals sleying the reed got to be a chore, not anymore! Once you get used to it,   can fall apart if not handled right, what a marvelous gadget. Believe it or not I found it at a garage sale of a long time weaver, the family didn't know what it was and I grabbed it! Amazing really I can't even explain how it works. I'll tie on and do some plain weave then it's to the PCW ( fiberworks)program to plan my first towel using Bonnie's book. It has my loom driver so that's what I use. I took a workshop from one of the authors a long while ago and loved her so it was my first choice in programs.

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