Friday, June 29, 2012

Weaving Weft (Chenille)

This is one of the strangest projects! I am weaving chenille, weft for a rug. It should use up some of my thrums or waste from old warps. Some of this stuff is really old! When I got my new to me Norwood she gave me a box of old Magazines.   Handwoven's Jan//Feb 1990  was the article on weaving chenille for rugs or pillows. I have a huge  bag here in MI and another in NC. Unfortunately I don't know if this five yard warp will use up as much as I have!
           They suggest dyeing it afterwards, yeah right I have cotton wool and acrylic. Guess I will have to resort to good old union dye or Rit dye.  The warp is spaced and when it is all finished you cut between the warp groups. Plain weave and a real no brainer for summer weaving up here. Also using up some old rug warp. Basically a large recycling project. 


  1. Fascinating, Lois. Are you putting any twists in the warp (leno - style)? It doesn't look like it, just like mini fabric with fringe:-)

    Patricia Morton

  2. No it is basically spaced plain weave. The denting is unusual 1-1-2-2-1-1 Some of the weft I am able to use a shuttle with some is too short so I'm laying it in the shed as I go.