Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mug Rugs

Mug Rugs!
All finished! not sure which I like the best. Some are kind of funky! Like the all red with a pink one. They were a lot of fun to do Next time I think I'll do a patterned warp vs just Twill. It was a multi colored warp but the end hand dyed yarns went by the wayside. Will after I get back to to  my light box put them on Art Fire for sale. I'm almost out of all the colors except a little bit of blue. There isn't enough of the off white to do anything with I am afraid. Used up some of the stash, next project is towels on the 4 shaft Norwood here. Fell in love with Thousand flower pattern,  Back in the 70s when I learned to weave and I think that is the pattern I'm going to use. 

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