Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Did I bite off more than I can Chew??

Guess I just got tired of nothing happening in our guild on Artfire. After seeing what other guilds do in ArtFire even with the messed up guilds there it seemed time. I want our work promoted, tweeted, Facebooked or what ever! There are really beautiful woven items in ArtFire!
      Yes the ArtFire guilds are messed up. Wouldn't take my pictures, can't edit them once they are there. The calendar is last years and you can't update it. Last but not least you can't use the Forums! I tried to go in and set it up, no go. So I did what all the other guilds have been doing for ages. Took it off site. I hope this works and not just me doing it all. I need all of them to help.
     We have our first Studio of the month!  see part below!  Photo shop to the rescue


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