Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Does computer work ever end?

Like housework I do believe computer work is an ongoing thing! Found out that I needed meta tags on my web page and some updating and added photos and tweaked it etc etc. Have been working the 45 day plan on Artfire and that is how I found out that my website wasn't going into search engines much. ESO oh my. With my Step daughters help my Art Fire site gets a 99% rating on a  free website grading site. Warpology not so much but some of the things they marked it down on wasn't really fair. Tripods picture didn't have a have a description nor did Artfire's Rapid Cart, Basically nothing I could control.

I didn't know about the meta tags because our class never got that far. We got bogged down way earlier than that what with a book that was no good and the teacher wasn't familiar with the new Dreamweaver. Not to mention the computer illiterates in the class, whoops just mentioned them. It has been awhile since I used that program but it came back to me fairly quick. Even code isn't as frightening as it was in the beginning. The Teacher was a real character in that class, he was retired from NASA wrote instruction, job duties etc. Quite the hacker for a 70 year old guy. Off the record taught us some hacking tricks.

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